Quickly acquire new customers, revenue and reviews

"90 new clients in a week!"

        -Andy Adams of
        Andy's Mobile Oil Change


"We sold over $80,000 in additional revenue."

        -Chris Cunningham of
        Service Plus


"We've sold 450 Deals!"

        -David Rhodes of
        DR Contractors


Eligibility and benefits

Businesses selling services through Big Deal or Storefront typically earn about 3 times the price paid by the member in additional revenue when fulfilling the service purchased.**

Only highly rated service providers with an A or B grade and two current reviews in the last three years are eligible to offer Big Deals.

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*Results of AngiesList.com poll of 1,831 members from March 2013.
**Comparing aggregate member-reported job costs after completion of the service with aggregate price member paid for the offers, net of refunds, assuming service provider offered services beyond those set forth in the offers (across 242,681 reviews collected from 8/5/10 thru 7/16/13, in 279 markets and 209 job categories).

What businesses are saying

"The Angie's List Big Deal far surpassed our expectations. We were able to completely book our summer schedule. It enabled us to attract and retain a slew of new customers."
        -Jason Reinert of DuPage
        Carpet Cleaning

“The Big Deal was a great way to generate new customers! The best part is that once we did their deck some customers wanted other work to be done, like washing their house and gutter cleaning. So, the little job turned into a big job!”
          –Terry Watkins, Dirt Busters           Housewashing Inc.

What members are saying

"Big Deal is a GREAT program! Keep them coming, I love them!"

"Thank you for offering a good variety of opportunities!"

"I had no idea there were so many! When I went to redeem a deal from an email, I found many more on Angie's List! "
        -Angie's List Member Survey         Comments, February 2012

91% of members seek discounts

Reach the 91% of members who find discounts important when hiring.*

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