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Angie’s List members conducted more than 1.9 million unique searches on average monthly in 2012.* Businesses that purchase a display advertisement have a 12-to-1 advantage in generating profile views from members.**

Angie's List Magazine
The award-winning Angie's List magazine is produced monthly for more than 775,000 member households

Dedicated Product & Category E-mails
Our partners can reach approximately 2 million paid households nationwide with our targeted email sends.*

A typical Angie's List member***
    Between the ages of 35 and 64
    Married and owns a home
    College educated
    Has annual household income of at least $100,000

Member loyalty and activity*

    More than 2 million paid households check Angie's List for home, health care and auto service needs before they hire
    Angie’s List members conducted more than 1.9 million unique searches, on average, monthly in 2012
    Angie’s List members submitted more than 1.4 million reviews in 2012
    More than 90% of Angie’s List members purchase an annual or multi-year membership
    The vast majority of current reviews submitted by Angie’s List members are positive

B2B Advertising

Newsletter Sponsorship
Banner space and content blocks in our monthly e-newsletter provide members with the latest service provider information, tips, news and new services offered

Dedicated Product E-mails
Customize your message to hundreds of thousands of nation-wide service providers that have opted into receive special offers from partners with Angie's List. Please contact us for the latest subscription numbers.


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To learn more about Angie's List advertising opportunities to members and service providers, please contact our National Advertising Sales department.

Kevin Vanes, National Advertising Sales Manager
Phone: 1-866-543-5478, ext. 9806

*Information from internal Angie’s List data as of 12/31/2012. | **12-to-1 advantage refers to a comparison based on the national average number of profile views on AngiesList.com of businesses that offer a discount through display advertising versus A-B rated businesses who don't in all markets and categories between 1/1/2012 and 12/31/2012. | ***Based on information derived and interpreted by us as a result of our own analysis from general demographic data provided by Nielsen, as of 12/31/2012.