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Browser Support
What browsers does Angie's List support?
The Angie's List web site is designed to work best with modern browsers. Find-out what browsers Angie's List supports. READ MORE...
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How do I enable cookies?
Cookies are used for authenticating, tracking, and maintaining information that facilitates your interaction with individual web sites. If your browser is configured to reject cookies, you will have trouble using the Angie's List web site. READ MORE...
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What are the required privacy and security settings?
Angie's List takes your privacy and security seriously. Find-out how to configure your privacy and security settings to work with the Angie's List web site. READ MORE...
Personal Firewall Support
Will my personal firewall cause problems?
Many personal computers make use of personal firewalls.  Sometimes users may not even realize that their personal computers are running firewall software.  Find-out how you can tell if your personal firewall will work with the Angie's List web site. READ MORE...
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Password/Email Support
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